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Continuing Education:
The management deputes Candidates for the Msc.,Nursing Programme by means of a Scholarship loan through the Saroj Idnani Endowment Fund from the College.
Inservice Education:
Performance Appraisal:
RVS College of Nursing is committed to the principle that meritorious performance in teaching ,research,service and clinical performance should be rewarded;and that faculty is accountable for their job performance . To encourage excellence in teaching,esearch, service and clinical performance the faculty will participate in the Annual Performance Review(APR) to determine merit ranking and level of job performance .With effect from June 2008,the faculty will undergo evaluation to ensure their academic and clinical performance and commensurate with their rank and status,and that they remain accountable for their academic and clinical performance to the institution and the larger community. Annual performance reviews are designed as a formal mechanism to evaluate the past year's performance of employees.
Performance rewards:
The merit ranking will be listed and the "A" Category of faculty who will comprise of the top 10% will be rewarded with
Performance Excellence Certificate and a Plaque.
Personal letter of appreciation from the Managing Trustee.
Public acknowledgement through publication in Website ,College magazine,College notice board and any other media.
Dinner or Tea with Managing trustee.
Allocation of a fund of Rs. 5000 per staff in the following academic year for their professional development which includes membership in professional bodies ,attending conferences, workshop etc.
A special performance pay package will be given for the following academic year.
Conferences And Workshops:
Faculty are encouraged to attend conferences, workshops, write articles and publish ,to organize department wise workshops in the college, present papers and posters in various conferences, as per need of the college and faculty need.
Faculty Picnic:
A one day picnic is organized every year for the faculty .Every faculty joins the trip which is a respite from the routine teaching and enhances a feeling of togetherness.
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